Real-time feedback on your marketing content



Our A.I. provides the ability to test marketing copy in front of your virtual target audience before you release it to the world.



Leveraging billions of data points, our A.I. provides real-time suggestions to improve your copy and images.



We use predictive modeling to estimate engagement, allowing you to optimize for Likes and Comments for social or Click-Through Rate and Open Rate for email marketing.


Why Liftr?

Unparalleled persona testing capabilities to personalize and optimize your message.

Continuously learning to provide relevent suggestions in order to match the interests of your taregt audience.

Automating testing process to increase performance and decrease time to market.

Emotional Response

How do your customers feel about your brand, product, and message? Across 13 emotions, and prior to marketing being released, Liftr can measure your target audience's emotional response.


Providing Context to Conversation

AI is a blanket term used when combining serveral different cutting edge technologies. Our AI can classify data, and build visual representations of conversations in seconds.


Consumer conversations can occur on social media, review sites, blogs, forums and in enterprise data. Sifting through multiple data sources to surface key consumer insights is important for multiple functions in a business.

Text and Image analysis provides a 360° view of all customer conversations.